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Success Story. SGS

Servicore Ground Support.

Services used: IP/PBX, VoIP


Servicore Ground Support is a company dedicated to ground support equipment, dealing with a large number of multi-national companies in South Florida, and Latin America.

SGS approached Zephyr Cloud with a need to help manage their telephony expenses, and help them communicate with their branch office in Colombia at a lower cost than they were currently paying


The Solution:

Zephyr Cloud helped SGS migrate their entire phone network, including phone extensions, phone numbers, and toll free numbers over to Zephyr Cloud's IP/PBX.

Zephyr Cloud's team built for SGS virtual extensions that by default allow their US offices to communicate with their Colombia offices for a simple monthly rate, avoiding all international toll charges.

In addition, Zephyr Cloud setup SGS with a low cost telephony plan, allowing all outside calls to be made within North America at a fraction of the cost of their old provider, saving them over 50% in monthly phone charges.

Because SGS was using a Zephyr Cloud's IP/PBX and VoIP service, they gained additional abilities with their phone system including features such as IVR/Auto-attendant, voice-mail integration to their e-mail, find me/follow me with extension dialing forwarding to their desktop phones or cellphones, full encryption on extension dialing, and much more.


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