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Success Story. Norseman Consulting.

Norseman Consulting, LLC.

Services used: Virtual Private Cloud, Virtual Desktops, Hosted Infrastructure, Unified Communications.


Norseman Consulting, a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), approached Zephyr Cloud seeking technical assistance with some unique requirements for their business operations.

  1. They had a growing team of engineers, all remotely located throughout the United States, supporting different projects.

  2. They needed a standardized work environment that included unified communications, and productivity software.

  3. They needed a secure way to manage and access files on their projects from anywhere, at any time.

  4. They needed a secure and easy way for their engineers to manage the numerous remote networks they were in charge of.

  5. They needed servers to install their management tools.

  6. And finally, they wanted the ability to immediately augment or reduce staff as needed.


The Solution:


Zephyr Cloud was able to meet all the requirements for Norseman Consulting, by building them their own Virtual Private Cloud, all hosted on hardware optimized for the work Norseman Consulting needed.

The majority of Norseman Consulting teams are home-based, so Zephyr Cloud's Virtual Desktop solution was the ideal solution to manage their users. It included all their unified communications tools such as Outlook, Skype for Business, and SharePoint, as well as productivity tools such as Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Project.

Each Norseman user that was assigned a Virtual Desktop had enterprise-class functionality out of the box, and had an easy way to communicate with fellow team members from anywhere in the country. The best part for the owners of Norseman Consulting, was the full knowledge that all their data was safe and secure, with all connections to and from their VPC fully encrypted.

Because so much of Norseman Consulting’s work involves access to project and file data, Zephyr Cloud help setup a SharePoint server that would house the majority of their information, with that data directly backed up on Microsoft servers.

Since Norseman Consulting engineers needed an effective way to manage several remote networks, the team at Zephyr Cloud built IPSEC site to site VPN tunnels directly from their Virtual Private Cloud to all locations that needed management. With SSL encryption enabled by default when accessing their Virtual Desktops, Norseman Consulting's engineers could securely connect and manage their remote networks safely, and only through their Virtual Desktops, ensuring that only authorized users had access.

Part of the solution also required several hosted servers to run management tools needed by the Norseman team. Zephyr Cloud's engineers worked closely with Norseman to get the servers setup, including installing all the relevant operating systems, and databases, and then linked the servers to the Norseman VPC.

Today, Norseman Consulting has the ability to grow their operations with minimal effort. Each new user who joins their team is assigned a Virtual Desktop, which gives them access to the Norseman network. Because Zephyr Cloud's solution is built on a subscription model, the owners at Norseman can easily manage their cost, and do not have to worry about managing any hardware, software, or licenses.

Thanks to Zephyr Cloud's solution, Norseman Consulting has gained the ability to focus on what they do best, knowing full well their IT needs are being met by a trusted partner.


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