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Success Story. USDA FSIS.

UNited States DEpartment of Agriculture - Food Safety Inspection.

Services used: Professional Services


With their heavy load of managing outdated laptops and un-patched operating systems, the FSIS IT team needed a solution to help them manage their users, while getting their work environment up to date to the latest operating systems and security patches.

The proposed solution, involved an investment by the USDA in new infrastructure, along with licensing, to build and manage over 1500 virtual desktops that would enable the FSIS IT team the ability to manage and update a template profile of their operating system of choice, and manage patches and updates of productivity software used by their users in a highly effecient manner.

Unfortunately, due to issues with their chosen contractor, the installation and deployment of the infrastructure and solution was halted, leaving the FSIS team without the means to complete the mission.


The Solution:

This is where Zephyr Cloud was able to help. Zephyr Cloud's team was hired because of their expertise in building private cloud solutions, and were able to hit the ground running at the USDA.

Zephyr Cloud's project managers and engineers quickly took the lead on the project and worked closely with FSIS' IT department to implement their intended solution.

What had been a long multi-year delay in completing the project and mission, was quickly turned around, and within 6 months of being involved, the USDA's FSIS team had a fully functional virtual desktop solution with the ability to deploy over 1500 virtual desktops to its users.


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