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Success Story. Simply Wireless.

Simply Wireless, Inc.

Services used: Private Cloud, Professional Services.


Prior to becoming one of the largest retailers of cellphones and cellphone plans in the Mid-Atlantic, Simply Wireless was facing a mounting cost running its IT operations. They had a disparate network of equipment, point-of-sales equipment, and a herculean task of integrating several acquisitions into one cohesive network. Their operating costs starting spiraling out of control, and they needed help to get their IT house in order.


The Solution:

Zephyr Cloud was brought in, and virtualized Simply Wireless' infrastructure into a private cloud, fully owned by Simply Wireless in a data center of their choosing. Zephyr Cloud's team helped manage the process to procure the data center space, power, electrical, and Internet connection, and then started on the task to standardize all technology deployments to manage their current needs, and manage future growth.

Zephyr Cloud's team setup templates for use in point-of-sales terminals, user desktops, and built a fully redundant server infrastructure to run all back-end, and front-end tools, websites and accounting infrastructure.

Zephyr Cloud also helped manage Simply Wireless' telephony environment, by migrating phone systems, phone numbers, and extensions to an IP/PBX that saved them tens of thousands of dollars a month in recurring telephony costs, all the while integrating all their stores, warehouses, and corporate office under a system, where anyone can dial anyone else with a simple system of phone extensions, saving costs over normal phone lines.

In addition to phone systems, Zephyr Cloud's team built a fully integrated IVR to help route calls from customers to server infrastructure to automatically activate new phone users on the network, all without needing human intervention, and with a near perfect success rate.

Zephyr Cloud's work at Simply Wireless enabled the company to save millions of dollars in annual infrastructure costs, all the while opening the door for future expansion at a fraction of their original costs.


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