What are the Top Use Cases for Desktop Virtualization?

As an IT service provider, we get asked this question quite often. There are several reasons why a company might look towards virtualizing their environment. For our customers, the biggest case is Mobile Productivity. All our customers want to offer their users the ability to work in a dedicated enterprise environment from anywhere at any time. This is especially critical for companies who have employees who work from home, or in remote offices. In the Washington DC metro area where Zephyr Cloud is based out of, commuting is one of the biggest challenges for employees and employers. So much time is wasted on the road, and for many the stress of commuting leads to loss of productivity. Employ

Success Story. SGS

Servicore Ground Support. Services used: IP/PBX, VoIP Servicore Ground Support is a company dedicated to ground support equipment, dealing with a large number of multi-national companies in South Florida, and Latin America. SGS approached Zephyr Cloud with a need to help manage their telephony expenses, and help them communicate with their branch office in Colombia at a lower cost than they were currently paying The Solution: Zephyr Cloud helped SGS migrate their entire phone network, including phone extensions, phone numbers, and toll free numbers over to Zephyr Cloud's IP/PBX. Zephyr Cloud's team built for SGS virtual extensions that by default allow their US o

Success Story. Simply Wireless.

Simply Wireless, Inc. Services used: Private Cloud, Professional Services. Prior to becoming one of the largest retailers of cellphones and cellphone plans in the Mid-Atlantic, Simply Wireless was facing a mounting cost running its IT operations. They had a disparate network of equipment, point-of-sales equipment, and a herculean task of integrating several acquisitions into one cohesive network. Their operating costs starting spiraling out of control, and they needed help to get their IT house in order. The Solution: Zephyr Cloud was brought in, and virtualized Simply Wireless' infrastructure into a private cloud, fully owned by Simply Wireless in a data center of

Success Story. USDA FSIS.

UNited States DEpartment of Agriculture - Food Safety Inspection. Services used: Professional Services With their heavy load of managing outdated laptops and un-patched operating systems, the FSIS IT team needed a solution to help them manage their users, while getting their work environment up to date to the latest operating systems and security patches. The proposed solution, involved an investment by the USDA in new infrastructure, along with licensing, to build and manage over 1500 virtual desktops that would enable the FSIS IT team the ability to manage and update a template profile of their operating system of choice, and manage patches and

Success Story. DMY Engineering Consultants.

DMY Engineering Consultants, Inc. Services used: Virtual Private Cloud, Virtual Desktop, Hosted Infrastructure, Unified Communications, Voice over IP. DMY Engineering Consultants, a minority-owned, small business, specializing in geo-technical and civil engineering projects, needed an IT partner to help manage their sudden growth from winning several large projects. Because the owner of the company was managing all IT needs, as well as the growth of his business, he needed help, but also had several requirements critical to his business operations, including: The ability to run civil-engineering specific applications from anywhere his teams were deployed The ability to

Success Story. Norseman Consulting.

Norseman Consulting, LLC. Services used: Virtual Private Cloud, Virtual Desktops, Hosted Infrastructure, Unified Communications. Norseman Consulting, a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), approached Zephyr Cloud seeking technical assistance with some unique requirements for their business operations. They had a growing team of engineers, all remotely located throughout the United States, supporting different projects. They needed a standardized work environment that included unified communications, and productivity software. They needed a secure way to manage and access files on their projects from anywhere, at any time. They needed a sec

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