Zephyr Cloud’s products and services are designed to take advantage of cloud computing and virtualization, by replacing costly expenditure on hardware, software, and labor, and replacing it with a simple service-based subscription model.

Zephyr Cloud is a Microsoft service provider, offering highly competitive pricing on licenses for services offered under our subscription model. Additionally, our team carries numerous industry certifications and can support a wide range of user requirements. 

Using our service means never having to worry about all the stress around managing your company's IT. Let us take care of most of your IT needs, so that you can take care of your business.

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud


Zephyr Cloud's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution is designed to offload almost all of a customer’s IT needs into our virtualized environment, enabling users to access all their tools from any Internet enabled device, all the while providing secured access to the company’s data.

Our VPC solution empowers a customer’s user to work from anywhere, at any time, from any Internet accessible device, providing them with almost all the productivity software they need.

Our solution  includes:

  • Microsoft Exchange server for email,

  • Microsoft Teams which includes chat, voice, and video communications,

  • Microsoft SharePoint server for collaboration,

  • a Virtual Desktop running either Microsoft Terminal Services (RDP) with Microsoft Office,

  • and any additional customized software as needed by the client.

In addition, our VPC solution can include integration to:

  • User-managed application servers,

  • File servers, with data protection, and user permissions to files and folders,

  • and Hybrid-cloud integration to a client managed network,  public cloud, or other remote site via VPN connectivity.

Private Cloud


Zephyr Cloud's Private Cloud is a custom built solution for clients looking to have all the services that a Virtual Private Cloud offers, but solely for them, on dedicated hardware, in a chosen location.

Private Cloud installations are custom-priced depending on needs, and may involve customized applications, software-licenses, servers, hybrid-cloud requirements, and ongoing infrastructure and/or end-user support.

Virtual Desktops


One of the largest costs for businesses or IT departments, is the cost of maintaining end-user desktop hardware, which includes software compliance, security, patching, and hardware replacement, not to mention the cost of labor.

Zephyr Cloud understands these costs, and have built virtual desktops to meet the needs of even the most demanding users. Our virtual desktops have the same look and feel of a normal Windows based desktop, but can be run from any device, such as smartphone, tablet, or PC, anywhere there's an Internet connection. 

We offer several virtual desktop packages depending on user need. This includes:

  • Our standard VDI package, with a Window 10 Experience, and Microsoft Office Professional.

  • Integration to our Unified Communications Bundle.

  • Installation of client-owned applications, launched through a secured application launcher,

  • And Windows File Share for storage. 

Hosted and Cloud Server Infrastructure


Zephyr Cloud offers its own infrastructure as a service similar to what is available by Amazon's AWS or Microsoft Azure with several critical differences.

Our infrastructure is wholly owned and operated, and is built for reliability and performance. Unlike many cloud-based infrastructure providers, Zephyr Cloud works closely with our customers to build servers that are setup to the customer's exact needs.


We not only build the servers, but will continue to manage the underlying infrastructure to ensure it works as intended. 

If you've already made the decision to be on public Cloud, we are experts on the Microsoft Azure platform, and can help build, manage, and provide on-going support of any of your cloud infrastructure need. 

In the end, we take care of all the headache setting things up, so that you can focus on the work that’s important to you.

Collaboration Tools


As a Microsoft Service Provider, Zephyr Cloud offers the entire suite of collaboration and communication tools available through Microsoft.


We help manage your existing users, including adds, removes, and changes, and can even help migrate all existing email accounts to our platform.


For additional protection, our entire collaboration suite is backed by Microsoft, to ensure that user data is always secured and protected.

Our collaboration suite includes the following as part of a bundle:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server, with 50 GB of storage per user; Support for attachment sizes up to 150 MB; SPAM and Malware protection; calendar and contact synchronization; Shared calendars; Web access, and much more.

  • Microsoft Teams, with integrated collaboration tools, such as desktop or application sharing; Instant messaging; HD audio and video chat; Conference calling for up to 250 people; Outlook integration, and much more.

  • SharePoint Team Sites, which enables easy access and sharing of documents, both inside and outside your organization, and starts with 1 TB of storage, plus 500MB additional storage per user.

  • OneDrive for Business, with 1 TB of user storage, including file/folder sharing.

IP/PBX, VoIP Service


Zephyr Cloud offers a cloud-based hosted PBX solution that provides numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. 

The service is built to manage to a customer's phone infrastructure with minimal complexity. It can scale and grow to support any number of users, and is built from the ground up for high reliability.

Our hosted voice over IP service is built with security in mind, supports SIP enabled phones or applications, and offers end-to-end encryption. 

It comes available with many features, including virtual extensions, which allow you to dial any employee in your organization as if they were in the same office, even if you were across the country, or at home, at no additional charge.

Our service also includes:

  • Ring Groups

  • IVR/Auto-Attendant

  • Voice Mailboxes with Email Forwarding

  • Find Me/Follow Me

  • Call Fowarding/Call Waiting/Call Screaning

  • Caller ID

  • E911, and much more. 

Our team is available for professional services engagements. We are available to assist companies on a contract or project basis, or as on-going staff augmentation.

Our team of engineers carry numerous industry certifications with Cisco, Citrix, VMware, and ISC2, and can support companies in the following areas:

  • Azure Cloud design, architecture, and support,

  • Data Center architecture, 

  • Virtualization technologies,

  • LAN and Wireless infrastructure, 

  • Network security and SD-WAN,

  • IP/PBX and SIP-Trunk integration,

  • Custom IVR design and integration,

  • And much more

Virtual Private Cloud

Professional Services


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