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Success Story. DMY Engineering Consultants.

DMY Engineering Consultants, Inc.

Services used: Virtual Private Cloud, Virtual Desktop, Hosted Infrastructure, Unified Communications, Voice over IP.


DMY Engineering Consultants, a minority-owned, small business, specializing in geo-technical and civil engineering projects, needed an IT partner to help manage their sudden growth from winning several large projects. Because the owner of the company was managing all IT needs, as well as the growth of his business, he needed help, but also had several requirements critical to his business operations, including:

  1. The ability to run civil-engineering specific applications from anywhere his teams were deployed

  2. The ability to securely save and access files related to projects in a secure way, with rights and permissions granted to specific users

  3. The ability to add or remove users as the company's needs changed.



Zephyr Cloud built DMY Engineering Consultants a Virtual Private Cloud to manage their environment, including a secured file server with secured access granted to named users.

Virtual Desktops were deployed to all employees in a standard deployment, which included Microsoft Office Professional plus, and all unified communications applications such as Outlook, Skype for Business, and SharePoint.

DMY's engineering applications were also setup with special access granted to specific users, and the ability to launch those applications directly from any html 5 compatible browser, through their login on Zephyr Cloud's website.

Today, DMY users are able to access all their files from anywhere, at any time, including from their home, office, or in the field. Engineers in the field can access company resources directly from smartphones, or tablets with Internet access, providing them the ability to view and manage files in a highly secured way.

In addition, with unified communications applications included in their deployment, emailing, chatting, video conferencing, and file sharing, is as easy as a click away from within their Virtual Desktops.

With DMY migrating all their voice needs to Zephyr Cloud, DMY's capabilities have expanded through the use of virtual-extensions, allowing users to direct dial anyone in the company, from anywhere, as if they were all locally connected, all the while saving DMY substantial voice costs from their previous provider.

Since managing all of DMY's IT needs, DMY's owner has been able to focus on growing DMY into the mid-Atlantic's premier civil engineering firm, knowing full well that adding or removing users is as simple contacting Zephyr Cloud.


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