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with the tools for a dynamic workforce

You're a growing business, and your team needs the ability to grow with you. You want the ability to work from anywhere, have all the tools and software you need, and want your data secured. You're not sure what to do, and taking on this task alone is both a challenge, and a distraction from running your business. 


This is where Zephyr Cloud can help. We take away all the worries associated with managing your IT needs by building all the resources your company requires within our secured datacenter. We manage the hardware, the software, and secure your data against loss or theft.  Our platform empowers your staff to work using any Internet enabled device, from anywhere, opening the door for a dynamic, mobile workforce. 

All this and more, on a simple subscription model, with no hidden costs or fees.




Zephyr Cloud Corporation was built from the ground up by industry veterans in the service provider space with one mission in mind: to simplify IT, and to help companies manage their users in a cost effective, scalable, and secure way.

With the proliferation of cloud based infrastructure providers such as Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure, companies have quickly realized the challenge with working in the cloud. It’s complicated, it’s confusing, it oftentimes doesn’t work as expected, and it requires highly technical individuals to get started.

This is where Zephyr Cloud comes in. We are a boutique IT company that specializes in networking, security, and virtualization technologies, as well as public, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructure. We work with smaller companies who need help to get to the cloud, but do not have the budgets for full time experts.  

Zephyr Cloud offers both turn-key solutions, and fully managed products and services that are designed to help take away significant amounts of work around managing users, email, collaboration, desktops, software, and hardware through the use of virtualization technologies.

We have built our entire company on one simple philosophy. Our customer’s success is our success. To that end, we continuously strive to become a valued partner, and work diligently to ensure our customers are happy with the service we offer.

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